Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Killer Angel

Lieutenant-General Hurley will be the next chief of the defence force.

Good thing about this is that although he represents the whole military; he is an Army guy. This is good for the obvious reason being it is the Army that is doing most of the pointy end of the spear work in this war.

I would hope the new boss is innovative and can properly advise the Defence Minister. Lord knows Smith needs good advice. My ultimate fantasy would be that Hurley would label the Defence White Paper of 2009 as useless garbage. I doubt they would fire him for saying that. It is after all, the truth.

This is important because a fantasy Air Force or Navy isn’t going to help the troops in the field facing a daily threat from the enemy. While there are other parts of Defence that actually work, the needs of the Army should be driving the conversation.

Other outsiders have an opinion on this too.

I wish you luck sir. You will need it.


Atticus said...

'Yes Minister", nothing will change, until you rid of the DMO.

And here is another.
The Chiel Of Defence should not be someone in Uniform.
We need a leader of industry, as the previous model has failed.

The person in Uniform is his deputy, and attends to purely military matters, not purchasing, logistics or anything else closely related.
The Chief needs to be,preferably an engineer, say from a successful industry such as mining or manufacturing.

Anonymous said...

Err, Atticus, the logistics and equipment problems the ADF currently has arent because of decisions made by the CDF (or anybody else in uniform). They exist because the DMO (a mostly civilian organisation and a creature of the Australian Defence industry) is dysfunctional, and the politicians who sign the cheques have a bunch of vested interests in industry who they must pander to. Your suggestion would only make this situation worse. The problem is that the military (who largely want existing solutions that are known to work already) arent allowed to get what they ask for.

Atticus said...

Exactly what I said