Thursday, June 16, 2011

Latest F-35 news

Here is the short version of various Joint Strike Failure news.

A law firm is setting up a class action case over jet noise. Their clients fear the jet noise from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that Australia is supposed to be getting.

A few problems: Australia has not handed over any money yet for the first order. Good to be prepared though and maybe in the end; not for the F-35 as it may never show up. More interesting is the fetish some have for thinking that the Super Hornet will be the proper fallback position should the F-35 fail. I think this is going to happen. However I don’t think it is a good idea.

Poor solution aside; Super Hornets make more noise than classic Hornets. While I like jets, the Super noise is pretty ugly on take-off. Even if the current noise levels get no bigger, who would have thought any development around a military airbase and civil flying activity is a good idea?

There is some new (old) “analysis” on Australian air power issues mentioned at the Lowy Institute. I like the Lowy Institute, however the air power mentions in the paper are too poor and uninformed to qualify for analysis in any form. This is unfortunate. I guess I can’t expect them to be good at everything.

The new F-35 schedule is going great; so say the cheerleaders. And, a critical review of the program has been delayed. Hoping for good news Admiral? Of interest is this old schedule from 2007 which when compared to what those with pom-poms say, brings up reality. There is a very long way to go. And, where we are going is not a better place. It is an express train to defense acquisition hell.

A real feast for law firms.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious if GE is currently developing either fluidic Chevron nozzles or standard mechanical noise-reducing chevrons for the F414 (or F110)?

Netherlands is another one which could likely have 'noise' issues going forward when taking into consideration her fighter selection? Denmark too.

Either way, if I were GE i'd be putting as much effort and business strategy into evolving next-gen variants of proven F110 and F414 motors as they are to self-develop the F136. imho..


Anonymous said...

williamtown established in what 1942? Jet aircraft operating there since the 50's... Theres a reason why your land was cheap, its near an airport... Cry me a river...

Goldeel1 said...

The bit that cracked me up was the lawyer from those well known ambulance chasers saying the stories he heard brought tears to his eyes! I just about wet myself with laughter when I read that. The only tears that greedy little legal sociopaths like him cry are Crocodile tears. Oh stop it your killing me here bahahahaa...

iksnorb said...

On a related issue, I recall in the 1990's after much complaint from residents near cooly airport that the approach & departure procedures were altered for noise abatement causing traffic conflict between Cooly, Bris & Amberly which ultimately resulted in a Cooly controller resigning in disgust.
Bottom line is that noise will be an issue near military air bases & airports in general. Its not rocket science you pack of whining p....s.
Cry me a river indeed!

Anonymous said...

The Super Hornet IS impressively loud. The trouble is those winging morons vote - so in the end the noise complaints are always going to have an effect. The one that makes me giggle is the roads around the Enoggera Army base in Brisbane. The locals have complained for years about the amount of military traffic (both Army green fleet, and civilian vehicles of military members) and certain streets have been quarantined off to green vehicles. The really funny bit is that more and more units and people are going into Enoggera!