Saturday, August 6, 2011

Australian Defence answers serious F-35 project concerns with "so what?"

Australia's Defence Material Organisation (DMO) and the office known as the New Air Combat Capability (NACC) have some thoughts about all of the serious concerns around the F-35 program to tell investors, industry, our elected officials, all of Australia. That is; "So What?"

Take a look at this 30 June 2011 briefing (a 2MB PDF) which was for a gathering of Australian Defence officials and stake-holders.

It is how DMO/NACC are essentially misleading us all. Their solution to the F-35 debacle is to have faith. I would say; blind faith.

In a future post we will go over this monument to Defence irresponsibility. Until then, gather your thoughts and comment as you see fit.

My favorite is slide #13. The Boeing sales force will have a field day with it. In essence; an all Super Hornet force would be cheaper to operate per hour than the F-35. Which, like the F-35, isn't really a good thing for our strategic posture. The other part? I see no evidence how 58 F-35s will end up being "very affordable".


Gobsmacked said...

Gobsmacked. However just confirms the true capablities of DMO.
Are they being paid for this advertising by LM?
Also saw clips of Osley talk at Avalon and I fell of the chair then.

Bushranger 71 said...

See my August 6 post on Eric's August 2 thread.

Atticus said...

Here is another funny one.