Friday, August 26, 2011

Navy questions need for F-35

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This was going to happen given the budget.

“Even cuts to long-planned buys of JSF must be on the table.”

To those saying that comparing the slowest "new" fighter ever, the Super Hornet, to the F-35 doesn't make sense; well, the Super currently flies. And then there is this.


nico said...


To the pro F35 crowd, this is a great shock, completely unseen. Nothing prepared them for this, it wasn't in any of LMTs power point presentation.

For the rest of us that have a brain, common sense, critical thought and have been around for a few years, this is nothing we weren't expecting.

Anonymous said...

hah. So the navy is first who start to get real, as I predicted. They will be the one who needs to face pak-fa,J-20, in pacific. Not air force.

Air force can afford a lot of wishful thinking since they have big collection of aircrafts. F-22, bomber, etc. But navy is toast if F-35 isn't working as advertised.