Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo of the day-- T-50 Pak FA

Photo of the day... T-50 Pak FA



Cocidius said...


Fantastic photo of the PAK-FA! I can't wait to see photos from its upcoming airshow routine.

Anonymous said...

It seems they are practicing for MAKS with T-50 flying tandem and such.

On other news, internet rumor says, they are pushing pak-fa to enter service in 2015. (If this is true, then it will be ahead of F-35.) -jc

RS said...

Whatdo we do with the F35 now?

Anonymous said...

Probably keep on going. It's a too big to fail program.


just saw a youtube clip of MAKS 2011 Pak-fa flight. It makes a lot of slow loop, nothing hardcore. I am sure the engineers aren't going to go beyond tested material. But the low/slow performance are great. I specially like how it can roll so very slowly without falling from the sky. How the plane land is also magnificent. Effortless and seemingly slow gliding. This plane definitely beg for naval version.