Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dilettantes compare defence plans

Both major political parties are complaining the others defence plans are faulty.

Interesting as both parties have contributed greatly to the project of concern list.

You never hear much about how the Greens feel about Defence--at least in the media--other than that they would probably destroy it.

The Greens by the way are the only ones with a sensible Afghanistan policy; that is, to get out.

But back to the lead dilettantes. Neither has an air defense solution, except to make our fighter force a flying club in the face of growing regional threats.

The idea of Submarines is such a political hot potato (rent-seeking uber alles) that you can expect this to get goofed up bad.

And, unless politicians look to another source to help write the next Defence White Paper, you can expect it to be a product from the south end of a north-bound bovine. Just like the last one.

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