Sunday, September 4, 2011

Free-trade disaster

I am not asking anyone to agree with his politics, but isn't it funny how everyone laughed at Ross Perot almost 20 years ago?

Perot remained in the public eye after the election and championed opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), urging voters to listen for the "giant sucking sound" of American jobs heading south to Mexico should NAFTA be ratified.

Yet, here we are with a poor economy. The latest from the NY Times.

I do not believe in free trade. I believe in fair trade. 

Just think of all that lost tax revenue from off-shoring every U.S. job that wasn't nailed down. 

We were warned. Thanks Ross. Even if we were too stupid to listen.


DJF said...

This is what happens when a country takes economic advice from globalist bankers and their minions in academia and media.

They constantly push for increasing international trade since all that money passes through their sticky little fingers. Domestic trade does not necessarily pass through their banks so they never advocate any policy that would increase domestic trade, only international trade. When is the last time that you have heard our economic elite push for increased domestic trade? It is always international trade that they constantly push.

Just follow the money and look at who has been the economic advisors and experts and you will see people who have an interest in increasing international trade at the expense of domestic trade. This is even though the US has been the worlds biggest market for decades so satisfying just the domestic market would be a huge market for both business and workers in the USA. But instead the US gave away access to the US market in return for false promises of access to much smaller markets which were closed to US producers via a host of regulations and polices even after they were suppose to be open

Clete said...

Well said, DJF!