Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smith is the best we got?

Every once in a while I give Smith too much credit.

And then later I get disappointed. My own fault.

Take the following quote from the Air Warfare Destroyer mess.

"Mr Smith said he had seen suggestions that Australia did not need these advanced warships.

"I reject that entirely. We are a maritime country, a maritime continent and just as we need to have an effective air combat capability, so we need to have an effective maritime capability, including a maritime combat capability, and that's what we are doing," he said.

No one stating that the Air Warfare Destroyer project isn't needed (it really isn't) is stating that we are not a "maritime country" with maritime defence needs.

I haven't a clue what he means about an "effective air combat capability". There is no evidence that Australia is on track to receive such a thing. No one is willing to stand up and say the truth; "effective flying club".

I'd hope that we would get someone better than Smith, but he is top drawer compared to the previous empty suits.

Find out who is responsible for the Air Warfare Destroyer mess

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