Tuesday, September 20, 2011

USAF, today and future is window shopping concept art

A dying man can dream. USAF reality of poor future budgets vs. concept art.

The Dew Line has the story

Refurb A-10s, and other geriatric aircraft. That is the future.

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nico said...


I think of all the services, USAF is the one with its head furthest up its ass. Sure, buy new six gen fighter, buy F35, maintain current fleet, buy new bomber, new tanker, new sats,etc....do USAF generals ever read a newspaper or watch the news? Hello? Where are you going to find the money for all this?

When it comes to BA F-X, looks ugly. Very beefy, doesn't seem very maneuverable. Maybe the Chinese with J20 are on to something after all.