Thursday, October 27, 2011

F-35 program--paying for mistakes-- 4 less aircraft in LRIP 5

The mistake-jet method of building jets has a cost. At some point the procurement death spiral comes calling.

The Air Force deleted three aircraft and the Navy one from the pending contract to help fund the overruns and costs associated with retrofits to the initial aircraft intended to correct glitches that have been revealed in flight testing, he said. These are so-called “concurrency costs.”


Anonymous said...

Now you're going to have to go change that graph you just made. What's it been, almost 2 days?

At least the damn program is creating work for someone.

-mike j

Cocidius said...

Oh look, another reality check for the Just So Flawed (JSF) program that's too big to fail but to flawed too succeed.

Now if DoD would just quit screwing around and put a few Lockmart executives in jail for pushing this Ponzi scheme for so many years.:-)

Horde said...


LRIP V - a little bit of history over a relatively short period of time:

No of____Date____Event
52 ** 14-Sep-09 ** Solicitation
42 ** 06-Jul-10 ** Contract Award
34 ** 31-Dec-10 ** SAR/PSFD
30 ** 24-Oct-11 ** Contract Neg.


geogen said...

Thanks for adding the figures, Horde.

One can almost hear the rebuttal... The plan is still officially for 3,100+ units built, so these 4 units will be nothing to tack onto the back-end. ...The kind of response from the same camp arguing that Unit Prices have been dropping YoY since Lot 1, thus the jets are on track to being $65m per bird.

However, FY14 will likely see the first 'big' cut from the restructured number, which will likely be trimmed a few next year to ease in the overall drop of units expected.

Unfortunately, by then you can almost hear Congress et al informing the rest of us that the Armed Forces simply won't be able to afford the original Program number of units as was expected and that because of it, unit prices will be higher as well. Gee...