Thursday, November 3, 2011

Toxic Collins

More on this story the other day.

Below from today's The Australian. Funny how Defence did the press release on a Friday evening 24 hours after it happened.

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Faulty Australian sub fleet costs $800M per year

Story surfaces of HMAS Farncomb dive and propulsion failure incident (Update-with Defence Response)

Great story about a Collins-class sub in an exercise that never happened


Anonymous said...

My goodness, the same thing happened in my Holden, sudden release of gas through dasboard, wind down th windows.
Same thing

Anonymous said...

Check the OBOGGS.

Atticus said...

This one of the reasons why you have difficulties dealing with Europe,
"Oct 31/11: Der Speigel cites “Government sources” who have reportedly confirmed that Germany is threatening to stop the delivery of the 6th Dolphin Class submarine to Israel, after approving EUR 135 million in subsidies for the sale (vid. July 17/11). The move reportedly comes in response to the Israeli government’s decision to approve the construction of 1,100 new homes in Gilo, an Arab part of Jerusalem captured from Jordan in the 1967 Six Day War. The Israeli government’s official position is that Gilo is part of its capital, Jerusalem, hence part of Israel"

Anyone old enough will remember the efoorts of France and Sweeden in particular cutting off spare pars etc during the Vietnam War.

Atticus said...

sorry , spare parts"

ELP said...

All very interesting. Yet, don't forget how the DMO cuts off support to the warfighter all the time just by breathing air and being incompetent.

Since the Euros and Australia sing from the same play-book re: the Palestine issue, that might not be one of the better examples.

Atticus said...

Nothing to do with Israel as it merely an example as to flakiness of Euopean Politics.
You cannot trust them.

ELP said...

We certainly can't trust them with the two dodgy helicopter projects in progress right now.

But then again, that really points back at Defence and DMO for being so dumb.

Atticus said...

Agree, by the way how late are those projects now?