Thursday, February 16, 2012

Canada's F-35 debacle (procurement and sustainment)

The current Canadian leadership claims of F-35 program viability are  easy to shoot down. One of the big reasons being that there are so many significant engineering faults with the design making it near-impossible to compare with a jet that actually works.

Also the government is hinting that the acquisition of a CF-18 replacement has to fall within the budget of $16B; including 30 years of support.

A chart below is more close to the real picture of things if the DND has to have their 65 mistake-jets.

(Red figure for O&S is $30k per hour per airframe for 300 hours per year)

And how many defective F-35s can be fielded (properly) for $16B? With the cost trends rising; 20? 25? And it is doubtful they will have any more value than the current submarine debacle.

Another portrait of DND procurement management impotence.


Canuck Fighter said...

That 72 unit Super Hornet deal you proposed is starting to look like a deal.
A Block iii Super Hornet with the EPE upgrades would be an aircraft from Day 1 that could easily accomplish 90% of the on paper features of an F35 and do them at a much more cost effective rate. An F35 for the foreseeable future would be lucky if it could accomplish 40% of it's on paper goals, given all the engineering problems.

I would like to see an F15E+/SE Canadian proposal for between 48 - 72 aircraft. With it's greater range and speed along with some of the SE proposed tech it would interesting to see what the final numbers would total.

Anonymous said...

When DoD say they can't afford JDRADM and the likes, it's largely because the platform is sucking up all the available procurement monies and per default, everything else needs to be bare bones and pinched on.

This has been one of my concurring themes in debates with the F-35 or bust loyalist crowd.

I'd take 3x Super Hornet block X in a hypothetical Red Flag 2017 face-off (equipped with next gen computer, display, radar enhancements (AEA and ESM), large IRST, plus an AIM-162 munition (with IIR seeker))... vs 2x F-35 block III equipped with 2 AIM-9x (if even those can be afforded).

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