Monday, February 27, 2012

Canada's F-35s-- $17.5B over 30 years (cost per flying hour)

Interesting how puff pieces by copy/paste reporters come up with the occasional useful piece of information:

The Pentagon estimates it will cost about $30,000 per hour to operate the F-35, in large part due to the cost of fuel.

Although, given all the unreliable systems, if most of that is fuel, I expect the cost per flying hour to be much more. But let us explore their claim.

65 aircraft: 300 flight hours per year; $30,000 per flight hour; 30 years.


That is a lot more than what the DND stated for lifetime costs.


Cocidius said...

Compare these numbers to the Saab Gripen:

Gripen C/D - $3000 per flight hour
Gripen NG - $5000 per flight hour

The first 100 Gripen delivered to the Swedish AF including ALL development costs: $15 Billion dollars total.

BTW - that's in today's dollars unlike the bullshit we usually see from the JSF Program!

Canuck Fighter said...

The DND operational numbers are not believable at all. Based on the $30K number it represents only 128 hrs per plane per year.

Anonymous said...

USAF Raptor pilots only fly 10-12 hrs a month, so if each pilot had his own jet, it would be about the same...