Monday, February 27, 2012

Cutting corners?

I hope these guys know what they are doing.

The declaration means the Air Force is satisfied that its version of the aircraft, the F-35A, is safe to fly. It also means that the Air Force understands and accepts the risks where there are gaps in the jet’s compliance with service airworthiness regulations, Ebersole said.


Cocidius said...

Yawn - pay no attention boys and girls to the litany of serious technical issues documented in detail in the QLR. It's all good, just close your eyes and PRAY.

Its just a matter of time until this flying abortion starts killing pilots. My guess is we'll see the first serious incident this year after reading this.

Snorbak said...

Cocidius; I agree, critical parts are going to fail & good people are going to die.
The F35 represents military aviations equivilant to involuntary euthanasia.

Cocidius said...

It looks like someone in the main stream media is finally taking notice.

Of course at the end of the article we have the Lockmart big mouth implying its all the Pentagons fault that flight training is behind schedule.

Don't look at the mistake jets sitting on the tarmac riddled serious with technical flaws and totally incapable of warfighting in spite of a decade of difficult development and the largest fighter budget in aerospace history.

I'm sure when this plane starts falling from the skies in the near future, Mr. McDonald will be among the long list of LM executives taking a short walk to a jail cell.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand*, the initial cadre of elite pilots will only be permitted to take off, gingerly fly around being careful not to perform any 'excessive', ie; high AOA, sustained AB, etc maneuvers, and land. In VFR situations only...

* I saw it somewhere at JSFanboy Central aka


Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the article on what the pilots will be allowed to do with their new, dysfunctional toy. It can't actually do fighter stuff like the big boys, but by gosh, it does have really fancy touchscreens with multiple windows to play with!