Friday, February 10, 2012

How will it end?

Manage the failure now, or pay big later.

Moribund and dysfunctional.

`"The criticisms are inconsistent with years of detailed analysis undertaken by Defence, the JSF program office, Lockheed Martin and eight other F-35 partner nations," a Defence spokesman said.

More like years of detailed regurgitating Lockheed Martin talking points. Defence is so confident of their position that it is an unnamed "spokesman".

I like this:

Defence and industry sources have told The Canberra Times these concerns have been overstated and there is no reason to believe the 100 JSFs detailed in Australia’s 2009 Defence White Paper can’t be delivered on time, on budget and able to do the job they were commissioned to do.

I think things are speeding up. The rate of doom that is. I figure the end will be something like below: It won't be pretty and the program will take some with it. All because of pig-headed pride.

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Anonymous said...

If this is true, that RAAF may not be able to afford or receive on schedule the 100 originally claimed F-35 slots, thereby forcing a Plan B alternative to come into play, then perhaps this is a good time to start thinking about a short position taken on LMT.

Currently, with LMT trading at $88 the highest since march/april 2010, the P/E is seen as a discount to avg P/E only under the assumption that big projects such as F-35 will pay off as originally expected. This doesn't appear so certain now.

It's probably a pretty fair contrarian bet then, at least in the short term (1-2 months) to consider short positions of LMT.

GPS satellites appear to be a good thing going for Lockmart in the mid-term and potentially some renewable energy dabbling, but unfortunately it doesn't seem as if LM will be able to bring home the bacon in the fighter department as previously conceived.