Saturday, February 11, 2012

Australian Defence pushes more misinformation on the F-35 to the press

Defence is misleading the press.


The F-35 cheerleaders are afraid that Smith will sign up for another order of Super Hornets. They think a preemptive strike in the media--which proclaims that the F-35 debacle is manageable--can't hurt.

Today's Canberra Times has a read that has the usual Defence talking points which are wrong. They are yet to figure out the following:

1. The F-35 is not a fifth-generation fighter (except in the dreams of marketing people)
2. The 2009 Defence White Paper is a joke.
3. The F-35 will not be able to take on modern anti-access threats.
4. The F-35 program has significant problems.
5. Some major U.S. political leaders are not happy about those problems.


Perplexed said...

I do know what to say, that is breathtaking.
I have never seen so much BS wrapped up in one page.
Maybe Smith is finally getting some real information.

Anonymous said...

If more super hornets are ordered, it will be on advice from the RAAF. Expect more F models and new build growlers.

Canuck Fighter said...

Wow, the Canberra Times really has quality reporting. I never knew that a F35 was cheaper than an F18. Everyone place their orders now!

How about that argument for an F35. We're better than an F18 because we have a 12.5% survival rate against Sukhois. Not exactly a winning point for spending 10's of billions.

Definitely digging deep in the garbage can. Sign of a program soon to be a ghost.