Friday, February 17, 2012

NACC continues the cover-up

Israel is worried about their F-35 decision. Unlike Canada or the U.S., they cannot spare any dead-weight in their force structure.

Australia on the other hand is clueless. They may still go forward with buying two mistake-jets. They don't know what it will cost.

All this time, Australia's New Air Combat Capability (NACC) office have been doing a job on ministers; covering up the failings of the program. Hint: It isn't "fifth-generation" unless one considers ushering in a new era of defence procurement failure as progress.

Today, the government is in serious debt. Defence procurement incompetence can no longer be tolerated. Even our neighbor--who no longer has fighter jets--knows what is going on.

I wonder when the NACC office will join the team and do what is right for Australia?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just plain hard to keep up with Eric.

Anyone else feel ELP has been blogging some of the best blogs in the past month or so and putting in the extra mile with his research and delivery?

Regardless of any differences in opinion, he deserves a hero status for his critical and illuminating works.

He deserves a reader-donated, all expense paid one week vacation to his destination of choice, imho, lol.


Anonymous said...

Agree, I think a weeks paid attendence at DMO.

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