Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New AIM-120D motor production slow down--JDRADM cancelled

As mentioned here, the AIM-120 price in the DOD's proposed FY2013 budget has gone into the stratosphere.

More on the story here.

Also, JDRADM, which was supposed to be a dual-role missile is gone.
Van Buren said the quality of the missiles that have been delivered is “fine,” but the weapons can’t be produced in quantity due to a high rejection rate for the rocket motors being built.

“I wouldn’t characterize it as a defect, I would characterize it as a through-put issue,” he said. “The through-put of acceptable motors is not meeting production schedules.”

But the Pentagon must have the new AMRAAM variant.

“The AMRAAM is a critical part of the air-to-air mission,” Van Buren said.

The next-generation Joint Dual-Role Air Dominance Missile, which would have replaced both the AMRAAM and the AGM-88 High Speed Anti-Radiation missile, which is used to suppress enemy air defenses, has been terminated because it was unaffordable.


Anonymous said...

Please bring in the firms from Israel.
Simpls, cost efeective and it works.

Anonymous said...

and not true.

long live meteor and its cancelled HARM version.
but on the other hand some folks at strategypage say, it's no good (herald, who has proven his knowledge imo).

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