Monday, March 26, 2012

Advocate !!!


I am writing to strongly urge you to support the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. America needs the F-35 for many reasons: to preserve our national security, to help strengthen our struggling economy, and to ensure that our men and women in uniform have every advantage we can give them. The fact that our nation is currently facing both economic and national security challenges means that we need to redouble our commitment to the F-35. Now is not the time to abandon the long-term investment we have made in the F-35---not when we are poised to see that investment start paying off.

The F-35 is the solution to our nation's aging fighter aircraft forces---most of our current fleet is approaching or well past the length of time it was intended to fly. Recently, senior Department of Defense officials publicly confirmed that the F-35 is the most cost effective solution for modernizing our fighter fleets with the required capabilities to be effective in future combat environments, and that there is no alternative to F-35. I couldn't agree more.
As America's premier 5th generation multi- role fighter, the F-35 exemplifies how our ingenuity and know-how continue to outpace our rivals---the F-35 represents a tremendous leap ahead in technology and will help America and its allies stay ahead of other nations' fighter capabilities for decades to come.

The F-35 also brings significant economic benefits to our nation. The program engages over 700 small business owners and leading manufacturers across the country, directly and indirectly supporting more than 127,000 jobs in 47 states. That number will increase to more than 260,000 when the F-35 reaches full-rate production. The F-35 program is a win-win proposition for our national security and our nation's declining manufacturing base.

This multi-role, stealth fighter will be the backbone of the Air Force, Navy, and Marines' fighter forces. It will provide advanced stealth aircraft to eight allied partners. Further, it will ensure the brave men and women of our armed services can continue to count on our air superiority to help them complete their missions and return home safely. We owe them nothing less.

While Washington continues to debate the issue of how to get America back to work, the F-35 is a clear job-creating, economy-boosting solution that has the added benefit of strengthening our national security, our relations with our allies, and our ability to ensure our competitive edge over potential adversaries. As a resident in your state, I urge you to support a steady increase in production and full funding for an affordable F-35 program. It is the right decision.

And also for the zombie army:

You can also spread the word by recruiting your friends and family to join the F-35 community.

Somehow I suspect that our tax dollars paid for this.

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