Sunday, March 18, 2012

Canada's last military presence in Europe since the end of WWII ends

Canada is withdrawing from the AWACS and UAV program run by NATO.

This is a money saving effort. Canada has been part of the NATO-AWACs program for 25 years.

The Canadian Forces hope to save $90 million a year by pulling out of NATO programs operating unmanned aerial vehicles as well as airborne early warning planes, according to documents obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.

Some retired air force officers have written Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office to protest the decision to withdrawal from the AWACS program. During the Libyan war the AWACS directed fighter aircraft, co-ordinating both attacks and airto-air refuelling operations.

Well, the Warsaw Pact did fall a very long time ago. There are no grand Fulda Gap scenarios. Libya? If they were so interested, Europe should have been able to do this op by themselves.

NATOs main mission these days is to desperately search for a reason to exist.

H/T- Naval Open Source INTelligence

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Anonymous said...

This is not the immediate post WWII-ravaged Europe of the '50s, or even the 80's when they faced the massive WP juggernaut.

Europe, for all its self-inflicted economic woes, is more than capable of defending itself against... who? The kleptocrats in Russia who make a lotta big talk about reviving the military might of the USSR, but never seem to be actually willing pay the bill for it?

They don't need Canadians to defend them, and we don't need to waste our tax dollars paying for extended European vacations for the military.

They can go to the travel agents like the rest of us have to.

BTW, can anyone tell me again why the US should be bearing so much of the cost for European BMD?