Saturday, March 10, 2012

Caribou drop--Afghanistan

H/T- Australian Aviation

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Perplexed said...

How can such an aircraft condemned by the hierarchy of the RAAF as being riddled with asbestos, with unrepairable airframes (probably due the exotic materials used in its construction), outdated avionics (unable to be replaced) be able to do such a job? Commercial operators must know something.
In Australia, of these wrecks condemned by Angus and Joel personally, some will fly again.
Two have gone to HARS (and they flew under their own power,( and have plenty of spare parts, including engines), and another few (a herd) are being given PT6’s and being put into commercial life.
If this shows up the culture and expertise of “some” of the hierarchy of the RAAF, makes you wonder about their other decision the F35.