Wednesday, March 21, 2012

JSF PO down! We lost him

We lost him. He was supposed to represent the taxpayer and not go native to a faulty program.


Navy Vice Adm. David Venlet, program manager for the F-35, also said the program now is on track. “The F-35 has schedule and budget realism now going forward,” he said. “It is transparent in the discovery and correction of issues arising in test that are typical in all fighter aircraft development.”

Venlet told the Congress members he believes the F-35 “is a critical presence in the combined force battle space. It makes many other systems and capabilities and effects better because of the presence of the F-35’s sensors.”

Venlet called the F-35 a “critical presence” to many nations, as well as being a bond of joint strength across all U.S. military services.

“It is a bond of capability and a bond economically across many nations that raises the level of technology benefit in our militaries and our industries,” he said.

Venlet called the F-35 “the best possible growth platform to incorporate future advances in weapons, sensors and networks.”

The F-35 also is an assurance to service members that “they will succeed in every mission and return home safely to their loved ones.”

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Anonymous said...

Consider the source - DoD Public Affairs. Journos were slightly more critical, especially after hearing the GAO witness.

If you get a chance to watch the hearing (available on the HASC website,) note the very few members in attendance. The dearth of Representatives is telling - instead of oversight, the members chose instead to attend an "off-site function."

In the second panel of witnesses, there was mention of the F/A-XX program (the testimony itself is written) - so there is hope.