Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Korea is learning

Getting smarter on the F-35 situation.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Concurrency Quick Look Review published on Nov. 29 last year concluded that U.S. defense giant Lockheed Martin will only be able to start producing a fully operational version of the F-35 in 2017.


Canuck Fighter said...

So many of these articles are poorly written and flip/flop on the issues. Chances are high on the F-35 but then there are problems, problems, problems. I suppose it's a good thing that the problems are significantly mentioned.
Trust will be a huge factor in the KFX-iii decision. I don't reasonably given the F-35 track record and FMS program how there could be trust. It's more likely that Boeing has the top spot for now in the trust category.
I love the part about the Canadian F-35 project manager. Talk about cluelessness. "We'll order in 2014 to receive in 2016, but don't expect them to arrive until 2019 with IOC in 2020". Under the current DND guidance, we'll end up like the UK, with no air force for a couple years. But then again, what does the RCAF do? There is no strategic plan.

Anonymous said...

Good post CF. Would have to agree. BTW, when I posted a response to the original article linked, they restricted comments to only 150 characters (apparently for non-Korean IP readers only, lol). A very tough challenge and constraint to keep within, given the content in the article.