Friday, March 16, 2012


Maj-Gen Thompson said many of the JSF's problems published in the media were normal for a brand new strike fighter project.

Pathetic attempt at a diversion General.

Why don't we question all of the people that came up with this?

Maj-Gen Thompson said that if serious problems were uncovered during the development phase then the fighter's capability might need to be reduced, rather than expose customers to long delays.

This is already happening.It is not news to some of us that knew this already.


Anonymous said...

Read Gen Thompson's comments carefully. They are scary for both the US and foreign partners.
Possibly MORE reduced capabilities to get some out the door?
This program is a disgrace for the USAF. But, on the other hand, think about where it would be now if Venlet had not come on the scene to try to clean up the mess!

Anonymous said...

So what's that mean? That it will only be 5.5 times better then any 'legacy' aircraft, rather than the much-vaunted 6 times better?