Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weak arguments for Canada to have the F-35

I guess this is the kind of military "analysis" one gets in Canada these days.

"I mean Syria has a pretty advanced air-defence capabilities courtesy of the Soviets and the Russians," Robertson said. "If you're going to go there, you want all of the advanced capabilities you have."

That view is weak on evidence. The situation is more like this.


canuck Fighter said...

I feel so much better that someone from the Political Science Department at the University of Calgary says Canada really needs the F35. Huebert should stick to policy discussions and leave the weapons making to those who have real field experience, warfighting and technical backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

Another supposed 'defense analyst' driving along looking in the rear vision mirror.

Syria's air defence is based on old, legacy (mainly) russian systems.

This is the kind of stuff that gets posted on the kiddies defence blogs by wannabes who don't know sh*t from clay.