Tuesday, April 3, 2012

UPDATE--Canada to freeze $9B F-35 purchase-consider alternatives

Canada's National Post is reporting that the government will freeze spending on the $9B acquisition of the F-35 and consider alternatives in seeking a replacement for the CF-18.

This is fallout from a Canadian Auditor General report that lands Tuesday which will accuse the DND of misleading parliament over the F-35 decision.

The recent Canadian budget released by the government states that a CF-18 replacement has to be "affordable". It also states that combat jets have to be used for operations at home and abroad. If this requirement is followed through, it is unlikely 65 combat aircraft will be enough for operational needs.


UPDATE-- (H/T- Mark)

CBC News has learned that Auditor General Michael Ferguson will focus his criticism on the air force and on procurement officials inside the Defence Department.

The government is expected to strip the Defence Department of its responsibility for the program and set up a special secretariat of deputy ministers inside the Public Works Department to manage the program.

Maybe they could call them... the Defence Material Organisation? Just a thought.


Perplexed said...

I wonder if Australia will do the same as Defence and DMO has mislead the Australian Parliment on numerous matters, particularly the Senate Commitees.
Sorrry had trouble telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

The worst of all scenarios... having the Public Works Dept take over the Programme, when Defence and RCAF should be doing their job competently in the first place!

Two words: Blow back.

Very unfortunate to come to this point so late as it is. Lessons learned? Probably not.

Graeme said...

Any direction - apart from the F35 is closer to being on the right track

Perplexed said...

Talking about the DMO, maybe this will help them.
"As part of our commitment to reducing Australia's carbon foot print the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) has moved to an online eRecruitment System. e-Recruitment is an internet based software tool developed for use in all DMO recruitment."
Pity they cannot make ships float or helicopters fly.
Or choose an aircraft to replace the F18.
They do have their priorities.

Anonymous said...

Maybe DND and Public Works officials should start reading Boeing Media releases also...