Monday, April 16, 2012

F-35C not compatible with French carrier

Besides what I tweeted on the right, note that the UK thinks that if they go with the F-35C, it won't be compatible with the French aircraft carrier.

A reassessment of the programme, ordered by the Prime Minister, found the F35C would only provide one operable carrier, rather than two, and would carry an extra cost of up to £1.8billion, the Times reported. The review also found the programme would not be compatible with France's aircraft carrier and the new vessel would not be likely to come into service until 2025.

EMALS, critical to F-35C success in the U.S. Navy? Oh wait. Someone has to prove that you can trap an F-35C.


Distiller said...

Can't get rid of the feeling they will end up with STOBAR.

Anonymous said...

You used to say they couldn't fly at night...

Soon you'll have to give up on that they "can't trap"! ;) it'll happen sure enough.

Canuck Fighter said...

Two big "flat tops" with short range STOVL aircraft, no heavy tankers or airborne radar planes?

Waste of money.

They would have been better off with an additional dozen of the proposed Type 26 frigates or the original complement of 12 Type 45 destroyers vs 6.

Canuck Fighter said...

Besides...what exactly will the Royal Navy do when the F-35 is cancelled after 2013 Sequestration.

As you said ...two expensive helicopter carriers.

Not installing catapults is the dumbest of all possible outcomes. It leaves them with no options on launching any type of aircraft.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Soon you'll have to give up on that they "can't trap"!

There is no question the required things will be done to get it to work. It is too big to fail. Time and money will be thrown at it lavishly. One of those required things will be a two thousand pound reduction in bringback weight for both the the B and C. So, the Brits are back on board with the STOVL? I am not suprised. It is the jet of choice for a taxpayer funded flying club. Why not?

Eric Palmer said...

Flying at twilight with a chase aircraft and then also using a night-vision camera to infer it is really dark. Yeah. Big-time night op.

Too-big-to-fail isn't much of an option when we have just seen most of the partner orders for this decade pushed into the next decade.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean "to encourage people to infer it is really dark"?

Anonymous said...

Like all sound work up programs, the jet first flew at night over twilight. It has since flown many times in pitch black conditions.

Time marches on. Stop beating the same drum.

Anonymous said...

That would be the same drum that infers that that F-35 is really making progress? Let me know when its cleared for high alpha flight ops, is capable of dropping bombs and firing missiles, and actually has a design that's stable enough to not warrant thousands of design changes with every new aircraft produced.

Oh wait, but there's more, get back to me when that computer coding that's now swelled to 24 million lines is finally completed and verified by full flight testing.

Really, its always surprising that a another marketing "photo-op" can get some people so excited about the Joint Power Point Fighter.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know why the 'C' won't be able to operate from the French carrier? (If they get the hook working, I mean...)

Is it too heavy, or is the minimum TO speed too high for the French catapults, or something like that?