Sunday, April 8, 2012

Keeping the F-35 in any form is not a solution for Canada

iPolitics has a solution for the Canadian F-35 mess. Problem is that the author doesn't have a grasp of F-35 problems; both technical and war-fighting.

Interesting that the solution involves the F-35. I guess advertising dollars still have to flow. Somehow.

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Canuck Fighter said...

Apr 10 - NORAD Air mission today over British Columbia. Two US F-15's scrambled from Portland Oregon to intercept a Korean Airlines jet (due to bomb threat) over the Queen Charlottes and escort the plane to CFB Comox on Vancouver Island.

Yes, F-35 is not a solution for Canada. Too slow, not enough range. Why not F-18's from Cold Lake? Portland is 200 nm closer and F-15's a whole lot faster with more range.