Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lost and Found

From Inside Defense (subscription):

Pentagon Finds $258 Million To Buy Back Two F-35 Jets Cut Last Fall

The Pentagon on Friday announced a $258 million contract to buy two additional F-35 aircraft using money found during an end-of-fiscal-year-budget review, a sum nearly equal to the Defense Department's $263 million reprogramming request last summer denied by Congress that aimed to siphon funds from other Navy and Air Force accounts to finance F-35 cost growth.

I wonder what blood-money was pulled from some other needy defense community that is either gone or could use those funds for real war-fighting value?

This is about as bad as when a few years ago, an F-35 (marked as a replacement for an F-16 lost in combat) was added to an annual buy.

That is two more mistake-jets that will need all kinds of mods to qualify as a combat-capable Block III aircraft. Note: that $258M doesn't include engines.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess also that the funding amount being quoted is at best the Gross weapon system (minus the engines and minus initial spares).

That is, the Total Procurement cost in the end to fully acquire these two additional units will of course be significantly higher.

This is merely the 1st tranche procurement cost.