Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Navy is looking at FA-XX

The Navy needs a new fighter. Or so they say. See this about the FA-XX.

The Dew Line must be there too.

This will probably become more of a discussion when the gold-plated disaster known as the F-35C fails.

A tip for whomever uses the "6th-generation" label: don't do it. It implies (and it seems justified from the do everything hype...including a possible buddy-tanker mission) that it will come with a "6th-generation" price.

Ask the USAF about "5th-generation" success. They spent over $100B to get 120 combat-coded F-22s and an F-35 program that has been run into the ditch.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, take a look at a newer version of the Super Hornet flip-book. The big difference is everything here generally works. The polar opposite of the F-35. Since both the Super and F-35 are not anti-access jets, what we have is a significant superiority of the Super Hornet Block II over any version of the F-35 in all areas of true value.



Distiller said...

FAXX never has a chance as a Navy-only programme. Despite the F-35 mess the only way they'll get a new manned tactical fastmover is building an early XXIst century F-4 together with the Air Force. LOL. McNamara was right, just 50 years too early.

Any FAXX that isn't a F-15E replacement and doesn't think about the manned/unmanned balance is a joke and will die.

Re the industry base thing: Will only work by bundling what is left. Wouldn't even do a competition.

CSA still around? Like a shadow of a ghost?

The Marines are absurd.

Re those "concept metrics": Equally absurd. That's a flyboy approach - masturbating over hardware. FIRST need to figure out what role such an aircraft has to play in the forces continuum.

Anonymous said...

Stop F-35C at about 150 units. Start FA-XX development, acquire about 150 units then stop.

Sounds like lean and reformed defense acquisition process is moving ahead with prudent efficiency.

( sarcasm )

And I concur with above post that a future F-35 replacement/follow-on should be a Common USAF/USN airframe with perhaps some exception of specialized cockpit or electronics differentiation..

USAF and USN cannot afford independent, brand-new 'manned' F-35 follow-on Tactical development Programs. Next-gen is simply to complex and too expensive to develop and acquire solo.


Anonymous said...

Bet Sweeden or Israel could do it or a fraction of the cost.