Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'The Navy is out of control'

Aircraft carrier on navy's secret $4bn wish list

THE Royal Australian Navy has produced a secret $4 billion "wish list" that includes an aircraft carrier, an extra air warfare destroyer and long-range Tomahawk cruise missiles for its submarine fleet.

The RAN wants a third 26,000 tonne amphibious ship equipped with vertical take-off jet fighters, a fourth $2 billion air warfare destroyer and cruise missiles that could strike targets thousands of kilometres away.

LOL. What non-existent operational aircraft are they going to fly off of the dream carrier?

$2B for an extra Air Warfare Destroyer? Right now they are tracking at $3B each.

Besides the idea that well, there is no money, who would crew these ghost ships?

A dying man can dream.


Anonymous said...

Gillard just gave the IMF $10 billion
supposedly to stabilise the euro.

She has also wasted;
$2.5 biliion on the pink batts fiasco,
$8 billion on the BER school building fiasco,
$3 billion on "government information" a.k.a propaganda leaflets to the public for every idiotic policy they implement

They are now borrowing $135 million every day and they will be spending $7.5 billion on interest repayments by 2014

But her greatest waste is coming with $40+ billion (in the initial three years) to be wasted on the carbon credit trading scam.

kind of puts this into perspective

Anonymous said...

BER is $16 billion.Current Debt is $228 Billion.

Anonymous said...

Carbon credit trading is absolutely a scam and con job and will not add to any positive, real solution which is in fact necessary on a global scale.

Maybe USMC can sell Harrier jets to Australian Navy?

Horde said...

Is April 25th now the new 1st of April?

By Ian McPhedran
From: The Daily Telegraph
March 25, 2008

I reckon Eric got you all a good one!