Sunday, May 6, 2012

NZ's expensive new NH90 helo has problems

Calling the value police. Paging Detective Bushranger:

New Zealand's expensive new NH-90 helicopter has some problems.

The paper says there is a "medium" risk the "fatigue life modelling utilised by NHIndustries may not be accurate, and may not take the Defence Force's statement of operating intent into consideration".

It warned Defence might have to reduce either the annual available flying hours, or the desired 30-year lifespan.

The paper also revealed a "high" risk that some core equipment, including fuel tanks, chaff and flare dispensers, ballistic protection, liferafts, rope rappelling devices and machine-gun mounts, would not be ready before the choppers were handed over. Those delays would "prolong the time" it took for the NH90s to reach their "directed level of capability".

Teething troubles? I don't know. NZ has zero money to waste on defence mistakes.



Bushranger 71 said...

Considering the value the RNZAF got out of their Hotel model Iroquois and the limited NZ defence budget, the Kiwi Government was absolutely stupid involving in the NH90 instead of going for a cost-effective Huey II upgrade at less than $2million unit cost. Similarly for Australia.

Ely said...

By Ely,
When it was selected for procurement our DMO assessed the developmental NH90 platform and system as MOTS. Perhaps the NZDF made the same mistake. Why it was assessed as MOTS despite conclusive evidence to the contrary (ie it was not in operational service or in production as a finalised configuration) has not been explained.

Perplexed said...

I wonder if they got advice from DMO?