Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Real Defence White Paper Security

There is a lot of heat-up in the Spratlys lately. You would have to be asleep not to notice.

This Australian Defence exercise is routine.

However, if Australia had real air power leaders in Defence, that exercise; at this time; would be a show of real regional security with RAAF F-22s and F-111s.

The definition of contributing to regional security.

By example.

By using deterrence.


Still Perplexed said...

My goodness, real power projection.
Must frighten the crap out of the sealife.
Those Asia wide ranging F18's with their non-operational tankers must be frightening.

Canuck Fighter said...

A squadron of F15 strike eagles would have been more threatening...and they are actually available for sale.

Bushranger 71 said...

Even retired senior Army Officers are now waking up that Australia ought not be geared primarily for fighting wars in faraway places. The near regional wet tropics archipelago and the SW Pacific Ocean is where ADF intervention would more likely be required and the military should be restructured accordingly. Some overly ambitious and costly acquisitions ought to be cancelled or severely massaged and modest funds directed toward recovering some appropriate capabilities that have been forfeited, even if that means putting some up-market gear (like Abrams tanks, Tiger and MRH90 helicopters) into storage, or offering them for resale.

So? said...

One must deal with the fact that the ADF is an American auxiliary force whose primary role is political: to give a measure of legitimacy to American military adventures. "Coalition of the willing" and all that. But it does not have to come at the expense of Australian regional security. Australian Virginias packing Tomahawks would provide more value both to Australia and America than a dollar-equivalent in Abrams tanks and JFS planes. Unfortunately, this would be mainly of military value. Submarines don't photograph well.